It’s Time Everyone Is Accountable in Vision Care

Most people's biggest health fear is losing their vision. From babies to seniors, people rely on their vision for reading, driving, sports, work - nearly everything they do during waking hours. Our eyes have to last us a lifetime. When I see a patient who can't see as well as normal or has pain or vision loss, I understand their anxiety. It becomes my responsibility to provide them with the best care to protect, preserve and enhance their vision.

What I can't understand are companies who don't hold themselves to the same accountability, potentially causing patients more harm than good.

When I prescribe contact lenses - FDA-regulated medical devices - I work meticulously with my patients to assess their vision and eye health to prescribe the correct contact lens that will meet their visual needs, be comfortable and maintain their health. My patients and I expect that whoever fills that prescription takes the same care to assure it is filled accurately. Unfortunately, some retailers do not hold themselves to the same standards.

They undermine care by selling contact lenses without prescriptions or even shipping contact lenses of an incorrect prescription. And regrettably, patients suffer for it. Nearly every reported case of adverse events due to the improper use of contact lenses was the result of lenses bought without a valid and current prescription.

At a time when we are laser-focused on patient-centered care, bills that protect patient health are crucial.

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This story first appeared in the August 18, 2016, edition of Morning Consult, a media and technology blog writing about the stories and news that shape industry and government.

August 23, 2016