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PECAA Expands State Optometric Association Support; Adds Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota as Strategic Partners and Enhances Collaboration With Vermont

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April 21, 2022

BOCA RATON, FLA. – Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA), is pleased to announce it has expanded its support of independent optometry by entering into new partnership arrangements with the Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota Optometric Associations, as well as enhancing its partnership with the Vermont Optometric Association. The initiative represents a continuation of the state association partnership program begun by Healthy Eyes Advantage, which joined forces with PECAA last year. The recently combined company now teams with 23 state optometric associations, by far the largest collaborative partnership of its kind in the industry.

Under these arrangements, PECAA will actively collaborate with each association to deliver value to optometrists within each of these states by promoting PECAA’s purchasing and practice solutions programs to association members. Additionally, PECAA provides both financial and non-financial backing to bolster the work done by the organizations to advance the profession of optometry and to promote the delivery of high-quality vision and eye health care in these states. 

“PECAA is deeply committed to advancing independent eye care, and we are delighted to announce this expansion of our longstanding support of optometry through these new arrangements with the Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Vermont Optometric Associations,” stated PECAA Chairman and CEO Jim McGrann.  “We are proud to have contributed more than $15.5 million in non-dues revenue support to our affiliated professional organization partners over the years, and we remain focused on helping independents thrive in both the short and long term.”

The leadership of each professional organization also lauded the new arrangements.

Missouri: Lee Ann Barrett, OD, Executive Director, stated, “The Missouri Optometric Association is excited to partner with PECAA. The recent combination of HEA and PECAA offers our members a unique opportunity to benefit from maximum savings, as well as a variety of programs and resources designed to help independent practices grow.  We are confident that this partnership will provide significant value to our members.”

North Dakota: “The North Dakota Optometric Association is constantly striving to find high-impact partnership programs to benefit our members,” commented Nancy Kopp, Executive Director. “By combining all the advantages of both a buying group and a doctor alliance into a single membership, PECAA delivers just that, and we are enthusiastic about this new partnership.”

Nebraska: Matt Willis, OD, President, praised the new arrangement, stating, “We welcome this new arrangement and the support that PECAA, now combined with HEA, will bring to both the association and our members. The comprehensive PECAA suite of services will provide our members with first-in-class vendor programs and business advisory resources to help them prosper.”

South Dakota: “The South Dakota Optometric Society is delighted to partner with PECAA so that our members can enjoy all the benefits that PECAA provides, including group purchasing, education and business advisory services,” stated Justin Schweitzer, OD, President. “PECAA’s benefits support the Society’s commitment to representing future generations of optometrists as they provide the most up-to-date eye care to South Dakota’s citizens, and we are confident this partnership will provide a win-win-win situation for all parties.”

Vermont:  Dean Barcelow, OD, Executive Director, also applauded the arrangement, stating, “The Vermont Optometric Association values its longstanding partnership with HEA, and we are excited to renew the partnership with the new PECAA, now delivering more with HEA. The new arrangement includes enhanced opportunities for both the association and our members to benefit from increased resources and support, and we look forward to collaborating with PECAA to maximize the relationship.”


PECAA is the nation’s largest community of independent eye care professionals, serving more than 12,000+ members nationwide. PECAA delivers ‘The Power of Independence’ by enabling independents to leverage the best tools and resources to connect, build and prosper. It is the only membership group in the country that combines the advantages and scale of an eye care buying group with the community and insight of a doctor alliance. For more information, visit PECAAMax.com.

For more information, contact Diane John, Executive VP & General Manager, Marketing at (601) 629-6683 or Diane.John@pecaa.com.