Nebraska Optometry's Meeting Handouts

Nebraska Primary EyeCare Conference Handouts

You can view the onsite brochure here. The courses that are linked have handouts available.

Thursday Handouts

NOA Key Contact First Aid Kit

Seeing with Sound: Ophthalmic Ultrasound for the Optometric Physician (1 hr COPE 61672-PD)
Presenters: Chris Wroten, O.D.

Future Optometric Standards of Care: What's Shaping the Landscape? (1 hr - NON-COPE)
Presenters: Barbara Horn, O.D.; Chris Wolfe, O.D.; and Chris Wroten, O.D.

Advocacy for Your Patients & Your Profession

New Horizons: A Look at Future Technologies & Treatments in Eye Care (2 hrs - COPE 61820-GO)
Presenter: Chris Wroten, O.D.

The New Frontier of Optometric Aesthetics (2 hrs - COPE 61857-SP)
Presenter: Chris Wroten, O.D.

Friday Handouts:

OCT The Optometrists MREye (2 hrs - COPE 50472-PD)
Presenter: Bradley Sutton, OD

Cancer and the Eye Ocular Tumors, Malignancies, and Neoplasms (2 hrs - COPE 61901-SD)
Presenter: Bradley Sutton, OD

Clinical Discussions in Glaucoma (2 hrs - COPE 61751-GL)
Presenters: Bradley Sutton, OD & Joseph Sowka, OD

Saturday Handouts:

Rules and Exceptions in Neuro-Ophthalmic Disease (2 hrs - COPE 49232-NO)
Presenter: Joseph Sowka, OD

Conversations in Optic Nerve and Retinal Vascular Disease (2 hrs - COPE 61749-PS)
Presenter: Joseph Sowka, OD