Membership Categories and Dues Amounts


A member's dues invoice includes billing for membership in the Nebraska Optometric Association (NOA) and the American Optometric Association (AOA).

When you apply for membership in the Nebraska Optometric Association, your application will also be processed for the American Optometric Association. Dues information for each membership category is identified below. If you are joining after February 1, you may qualify for pro-rated dues.

Active Full - An Active member is an optometrist who is licensed and practicing in the State of Nebraska.

2019 Annual Dues:

AOA $ 960
NOA $ 1,646
TOTAL DUES $ 2,606

Partial Practice - A Partial Practice member is an optometrist who is license and practicing in the State of Nebraska and works sixteen (16) or fewer hours per week.

2019 Annual Dues:

AOA $ 576
NOA $ 988
TOTAL DUES $ 1,564

New Licensees (graduate) - New graduates are eligible for an ascending dues scale effective during their first through fourth year post-graduation. Dues are calculated by the graduation date. New licensees (graduates) pay the percentage of full dues indicated below. Please note that new licensees (graduates) do not pay dues for the "remainder" of the year of graduation from optometry school.

1st full calendar year after licensure 10% of NOA/AOA Dues $ 261
2nd full calendar year after licensure 20% of NOA/AOA Dues $ 522
3rd full calendar year after licensure 50% of NOA/AOA Dues $ 1,304
4th full calendar year after licensure 75% of NOA/AOA Dues $ 1,955
Each year thereafter Full NOA/AOA Dues $ 2,606

Affiliate - An Affiliate member is an optometrist who is an active member of another state association who supports the NOA.

Annual Dues:

NOA  $ 165

Student Members - Student membership will be granted to students who apply for membership and are enrolled in an approved Optometric College or University or who are in an approved residency or internship program.

Annual Dues:

AOA Waived
NOA Waived

Retired - Optometrists who are active NOA and AOA members who have completely retired from the active practice of optometry and are 55 years of age or older. You may choose to continue to receive benefits for a reduced annual dues amount or remain a member in name only and receive free dues.

Annual Dues:

AOA $0 With No Benefits or $100 With Benefits
NOA Free membership



The Nebraska Optometric Association Political Action Committee provides political support to candidates and officeholders who share the goals of the Association. We rely on PAC contributions from members to provide financial support to lawmakers and those seeking elective offices. PAC contributions allow us to send a uniform message to candidates on behalf of optometry and it is the pooled resources from our members that enable us to have a strong, influential voice on your behalf. An active PAC is a necessity for a legislated profession like optometry. It allows us to have more control of our destiny.

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The Nebraska Foundation for Children's Vision is supported by NOA, and NOA partners with NFCV on many initiatives to educate the public about the importance of vision care for children by eyecare professionals. NFCV is recognized as a charitable and educational foundation under U.S. tax codes and your contribution is deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Visit for more information. Click the button on the right to make an NFCV DONATION.