Para of the Year History

The NOA Paraopotmetric of the Year Award.  is presented to a paraopometric who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of paraoptometry and optometry, been an asset to their doctor(s), advanced themselves with continuing education and a commitment to the profession with a number of years in the field.  Self-discipline and professional conduct are also criteria for which the award is judged, along with the paraoptometric's accomplishments in the profession. 

2020 Krista Fischer, Norfolk
2019 Jean Jergensen, Lincoln
2018 Rochelle Thomas, CPO, Omaha
2017 Bridget Neal, CPO, Omaha
2016 Brandy Saltzman, CPOA, Wayne
2015 Deb Gasper, CPO, Millard
2014 Sue Seger, CPO, O'Neill
2013 Joanie Smith, CPOT, Norfolk
2012 Melanie Swift, South Sioux City
2011 Jennifer Smith, CPOT, Ord
2010 Sonja Hansen, Wayne
2009 Rhonda Gregory, Lincoln
2008 Kara Brashears, Ord
2007 Katie Circo, Omaha
2006 Elizabeth Brockhaus, So. Sioux City
2005 Melia Hefti, Wayne
2004 Linda Schutt, Norfolk
2003 Darcy Popple, Lincoln
2002 Sandy Heuer
2001 Shelly Long, Alliance
2000 Melanie Swift, South Sioux City
1999 Cathy Kahny, Norfolk
1998 Bonnie Kettler, Sidney
1997 Sandy Authier, Norfolk
1996 Jill Luebbert, Fremont
1995 Inta Larsen, Lincoln
1994 Tammy Franklin, Alliance
1993 Susan Wortman, Hartington
1992 Kelly Travis, North Platte
1991 LaRee Ahlers, Lincoln
1990 Deb Philips, Hastings
1989 Marlea Kittle, Ord
1988 Linda Sturgeon, Grand Island
1987 Gail Walker, Lincoln
1986 Lois Harder, Fremont
1985 Sally Conner, Valentine