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See Beyond 2020 is NOA's theme to educate, advocate, and motivate Nebraskans to schedule their annual comprehensive eye exam with a Nebraska Optometric Association Doctor of Optometry in 2020. AOA's primary focus for #2020EyeExam centers around an Employer's Pledge and messaging promoting 2020 as the year to make eye health and vision care a national priority. Click here for more information regarding Nebraska's Employer's Pledge. If you are  NOA member looking for 2020 Marketing resources, click here.

Complementing the AOA's efforts to defend optometry before policy makers is our mission to elevate our profession in the public perception.

Better Access to Quality EyeCareWhether it's identifying the early signs of diabetes or counseling young adults on the hazards of mobile devices and eye-strain, today's optometrists are on the front lines of not only eye health but community health.  We have used a variety of marketing, public relations, and educational tools to educate the public on eye health, safety, and the importance of regular exams by a licensed optometrist.  And we warned about the dangers of Internet "eye exams" and buying glasses online or contact lenses from illegal providers. Visit Better Access to Quality EyeCare, NOA's public campaign created for reaching important audiences - patients, community, and lawmakers - to communicate the importance of quality eye care.

Think About Your EyesIn 2015, the nationwide multimedia Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) campaign increased eye exams by nearly ten percent in the first quarter alone.   Over the past ten years, AOA public awareness efforts have garnered 30 percent more mentions annually for optometry versus ophthalmology.  And our ongoing public relations efforts, social media presence, and direct community engagement continues to get the word out.

AOA MarketplaceAOA Marketplace - Discover tools for educating patients and marketing your practice at the AOA Marketplace.  AOA/NOA members receive significant discounts on patient educational materials, health fair kits, posters and displays as well as branded promotional items.  Visit to see the full range of available products.

See To LearnSee To Learn is a preventive program created by the Eye Care Council to make sure every child's early education is unaffected by vision problems. Through See To Learn, parents can schedule a FREE vision assessment for their 3-year-old child in a participating optometrist's office. See To Learn gives providers all the tools they need to make a real difference in communities. For optometrists, See To Learn is a gateway to building relationships with lifelong patients. Because See To Learn connects doctors with a way to reach children and their families at the right stages of development, they're empowered to diagnose and treat vision problems when early detection is vital. The goodwill generated by the See To Learn program has also created meaningful connections with community organizations, schools, Parents As Teachers groups, health care providers, legislators and the news media.  

As a member benefit, the Nebraska Optometric Association covers the licensing fee for NOA members who are interested in becoming See to Learn Providers. Click here for more information regarding being a See to Learn Provider.

If you are interested in becoming a See to Learn Provider, contact the NOA Office at 402/474-7716 or