Grassroots Advocacy Tips

What you can do to be an effective Advocate for your profession, your practice, and for NOA:

  • Attend the NOA Legislative Conference each year to stay up to date on issues, personally interact with lawmakers, and get tips on how to communicate your profession’s interests effectively
  • Be familiar with optometry’s legislative issues
  • Communicate on an ongoing basis with your elected representatives. Don’t just make contact when you need to ask for something. Offer yourself as a resource. Make sure your elected representatives know about your practice and what’s important to you and your patients.
  • Understand the basics of the legislative process and follow the status of issues of interest on the Nebraska Unicameral website
  • Respond to Action Alerts when called upon to do so by AOA or NOA
  • Offer your help with election and re-election campaigns.
  • Make a personal political contribution to candidates you support
  • Contribute to NOA PAC and AOA PAC. You may be able to personally support a few candidates. Your profession’s Political Action Committee is the only way to support a range of lawmakers who know your profession’s interests.

To be part of the NOA’s Advocacy Team and sign up as a key contact person, call the NOA office (402-474-7716) and email us at

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