Better Access to Quality Eyecare

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Vision Talk

With the help of our doctors, NOA has produced a series of educational videos - VISION TALK, where we discuss topics such as proper care of contact lenses, what is a comprehensive eye exam, and diagnosing major health problems by a simple annual eye exam. Members can download these and share them on your own social media channels and in your practice.

Fourth Quarter 2014 - Dangers of Decorative Contact Lenses

  • News Release - Popular Halloween Costume Accessory can be Dangerous: Buying Contact Lenses without a Prescription is Illegal and Dangerous
  • Blog Post & Video

Third Quarter 2014 - See to Learn Month

Third Quarter 2014 - Ready for School

  • News Release - Survey Reveals Parents Drastically Underestimate the Time Kids Spend on Electronic Devices
  • Blog Post - Ready for School: After summer vacation, children returning to school with eye strain due to overuse of digital devices.
  • Moms Everyday interview on 10/11
  • Commercial on 10/11 and KNSB

Second Quarter 2014 - Vision & Learning Pilot Program

  • News Release - NFCV Partners with LPS on Vision & Learning Program
  • Blog Post - Vision & Learning Pilot Program helps children who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Second Quarter 2014 - Save Your Vision Month

First Quarter 2014 - Children's Vision Essential Benefit

Materials you can use:

The poster and take home flyer below can be downloaded and printed. Each NOA member optometrist will also receive a packet of 100 flyers and one poster in mid-January.

Better Access Poster:

Better Access Take Home Flyer:

Better Access to Quality Eye Care Video: