The NOA Political Action Committee (PAC) is the only legal way for the association to contribute money to help elect candidates, support lawmakers who understand and share our views. (The association itself cannot contribute, using dues or other funds. The only way we can do it is to form and register a PAC and use funds that voluntarily donated to the PAC by our members.)

People can contribute to candidates individually, but candidates don't necessarily know why......they don't know what specific issues are important to you. When PACs contribute on behalf of your profession, the candidates know exactly what issues are important to the people who gave the PAC funds. There is an 'issue message' that is inherently part of every PAC contribution.

PAC contributions in Nebraska go to candidates in virtually every legislative race. We are conveying issue messages to ALL the lawmakers who determine your future. There are 49 lawmakers in Nebraska who make the rules we practice under, but individuals typically only contribute to a few candidates at best. Without the PAC, you have influence with only a couple of legislators.

Part of you NOA PAC contribution goes automatically to AOA PAC to be used to support candidates in the U.S. Congress. More and more issues affecting health care and the optometric profession, including patient access issues, are going to be decided in Washington DC, so AOA PAC's ability to provide meaningful financial support to as many candidates as possible is absolutely critical.