Political Action Committee

The NOA Political Action Committee (PAC) is the association's legal method of contributing financial support to elect candidates and  support lawmakers who understand and share the views of our members.  The association itself cannot contribute, using dues or other funds.  The NOA maintains a registered PAC whose funds are voluntarily donated by members.

PAC contributions in Nebraska go to candidates in virtually every legislative race.  The NOA conveys issue messages to ALL 49 lawmakers in Nebraska who can shape the future of the profession.  A PAC can garner attention and influence a larger group of legislators.

A portion of a NOA PAC contribution goes automatically to the AOA PAC and is used to support candidates at the national level.  Now, more then ever, issues affecting health care and the optometric profession, including patient access issues, are being decided in Washington D.C. and so the AOA PAC's ability to provide meaningful financial support to as many candidates as possible is absolutely critical.

PAC Board      PAC Contribution Form

You can set up monthly or quarterly recurring PAC contributions, either through credit card payments or your personal bank account. Please contact the NOA office at (402) 474-7716 to request this option and provide your payment information.