Deadline for Optometry License Renewal

August 1 Deadline for Optometry License Renewal

No changes were made during the Covid-19 pandemic for CE requirements or definitions in Nebraska. If the online CE is live with the ability for the participant to interact with the speaker for Q &A in real time, then that CE is considered the same as in-person CE. This assumes that the online CE is COPE approved or otherwise meets the requirements of the rules/regulations/statutes in qualifying for CE such as presented by NOA or AOA, approved by the Board of Optometry, etc.

Virtual CE (via Zoom or otherwise) can count as standard CE hours provided there is real-time, live interaction capability with the presenter. Watching pre-recorded lectures without any live interaction with the presenter would fall under the category of 'Home Study' CE and the licensee can only count a maximum of 8 hours of Home Study toward the 44-hour license renewal requirement in each two-year licensure period.

44 hours of acceptable continuing education earned during the preceding 24-month period prior to the license renewal is required to renew your license. If you are randomly selected for an audit to provide proof of continuing education, you will be notified by mail at a later date. The Nebraska Board of Optometry allows 4 hours of the 44 hours to be Practice Management.

Regulations stipulate that licensed optometrists in Nebraska can apply for waivers from the CE requirements if there would be extenuating circumstances, such as health condition. The renewal fee is $146.

List of acceptable continuing education:

  • State and National Meetings
  • Formal Education courses related to Optometry
  • College-sponsored courses in Optometry
  • Home Study with a testing mechanism (limited to 8 hours)
  • CPR initial certification (hour per hour) or re-certification (limited to 2 hours)
  • Practice M anagement (limited to 4 hours)

Access the Nebraska Optometry Rules and Regulations here: